Story #10604

Updated by Radhika Chippada about 5 years ago

A few ideas (I can work on these, once we agree on the list of changes to be made):

1. Run a pipeline using Workbench section:
** Rename as "Using Crunch" or something like that
** Move "Introduction to Crunch" from "Develop an Arvados Pipeline" as the first item in this section
** Add a new page "Running a workflow using Workbench" after "Accessing workbench". This would of course need adding a tutorial workflow to qr1hi and authoring this page etc
** Rename "Running a pipeline using workbench" as "Running a pipeline using workbench (Deprecated)"

2. user/cwl/cwl-runner.html
Registering a workflow with Workbench => "Use --create-template to register a CWL workflow" -- use "--create-workflow" instead?

3. topics/arv-copy.html
** How to copy a pipeline template => Do we need to add any notes here about workflows? Otherwise, add a "How to copy a workflow" section?

4. Working on the command line
** Append "(Deprecated)" to both page titles?
** Do we want to add a page to work with container_requests and / or workflows here?

5. Develop an Arvados pipeline
** Rename it as "Develop an Arvados pipeline (Deprecated)" ?
** This would need moving a couple pages.
** Move "Introduction to Crunch" to the top of the list as noted in the first comment
** Add a new "Docker" section and move "Customizing Crunch environment using Docker" into it?