Bug #10557

Updated by Tom Clegg almost 5 years ago

Currently, Seems like the setup button (in the Admin tab that gives login permissions on is meant for setting up a user in a shell nodes) node) is responsible for creating to create the can_read link permission to all_users. The link is also added when the user is created if the "auto setup new user" feature is enabled. all_users

If auto-setup is disabled, and the admin cluster doesn't want to set up VM access (e.g., have a shell node administration done by arvados (i.e. external LDAP and other tools provide the users), the admin might activate users by changing the @is_active@ flag to @true@ instead of using the "Setup" button. This nearly works, except users.) then that the "all users" link isn't created, created and sharing features the user is unable to share data with everybody in Workbench don't work as expected for those users. the cluster.

We should support this admin workflow by adding the appropriate It will be good if arvados creates that link (and doing any other needed setup activities) if needed when a user's @is_active@ flag changes to @true@.

h3. Implementation

Run auto_setup_new_user as an after_update hook when
at the is_active flag changes to true.
moment of the user creation.