Feature #9364

Updated by Tom Clegg over 3 years ago

See [[Expedited delete]]

Given some PDHes of trashed collections... collection PDHes...

For each PDH:
* Check for an un-trashed a collection with this PDH. If one exists, show a warning: this means "expedited delete" for this collection is a no-op.
* Get Use the logs table to get the manifest text for this PDH from the trash. PDH.

Perform a keep-balance operation, but
* Don't compute changes for all blocks -- only the ones appearing in the manifests retrieved above.
* When checking the logs table for recently referenced blocks (see #9363), skip collections with any of the supplied PDHes.
* When deciding whether to delete blocks, use the most recent timestamp of the collections being deleted rather than {now minus signatureTTL} as the race window threshold.
* Use the (new) "synchronous delete, ignoring timestamp" feature of keepstore instead of sending a trash list.
* Don't process any "pull" operations.

This could be presented as a separate command ("keep-force-delete"?) if keep-balance is refactored into a module. Alternatively, it could be a runtime option for keep-balance. It will use the same configuration file as keep-balance (along with other options).