Feature #10218

Updated by Tom Morris almost 6 years ago

Crunch2 already computes the runtime_constraints for a container based on defaults and what is in the corresponding container_request object. 

 It would be useful to have more detail about the physical or cloud node that executes the container. Specifically, in the cloud, it would be helpful if this was a Dv2 node, or an A node, for example, because those cores are not equal. 

 In an on-prem environment (as well as in the cloud, actually), it would be useful to know the cpu model. 

 Maybe crunch-run can record some basic facts about the hardware its running on and record those in the container object for future inspection. 

 Things to log as a starting point: 

 $ uname -a 
 $ cat /proc/cpuinfo 
 $ cat /proc/meminfo 
 $ df # for available scratch space 
 contents of /var/tmp/arv/node/data 

 Logged using standard logging structure a la crunchstat, etc.