Feature #11515

Updated by Jiayong Li over 4 years ago

A common practice for writing a pipeline is to first test it in a private project, e.g. Home, because we don't want to clutter the production project since tests tend to be error-prone. Ultimately the successful pipeline run needs to be in the production project that's shared with customers, but as of now, there's no way of copying/moving the jobs and output collections of the successful test pipeline.

* I tried rerunning the successful pipeline using arvados-cwl-runner with --project-uuid PRODUCTION_PROJECT_UUID, hoping job-reuse would copy the jobs and outputs to the production project, but it doesn't do that.
* I tried the command line tool (written by Brett) https://github.com/curoverse/arvados-clients/blob/master/recursive_move.py but it only moved the top-level runner job. This tool is outdated.
* I used the command line tool (written by Bryan) https://github.com/bcosc/arvados-tools/blob/master/move_outputs_into_one_project.py to copy the output collections but it doesn't copy jobs.

We need a feature integrated in Workbench to copy/move pipelines.