Bug #11679

Updated by Peter Amstutz over 4 years ago

Workbench logs container state change messages. When a container is complete, it looks at the exit code and reports success or failure. However, for some reason, the exit code is reported as undefined, which is not zero, and it reports failure (I've seen this with both exit code 1 and exit code 0):

2017-05-11T14:12:36.420834199Z Waiting for container to finish
2017-05-11T14:18:49.777935199Z Container exited with code: 1
2017-05-11T14:18:49.993315999Z Complete
2017-05-11T14:18:50.791787Z Container qr1hi-dz642-hre34ora0zbr9k1 finished with exit code undefined (failure)