Story #8784

Updated by Tom Morris over 4 years ago

Human- and machine-readable directory listings would allow browsing collections without involving Workbench.

TBD: Bookmarks to non-public collections in keep-web come with a bit of a snag, which auto-indexing could turn into a bigger practical problem. If you click a bookmark/permalink instead of going through Workbench's links/redirector, and you don't already have an active cookie from _previously_ clicking the Workbench links, there's no option to log in -- you just get an error. You have to recognize the error yourself, find the collection in Workbench, and follow a link from there.

(Features copied from #5824's "nice to have" section)
* Very basic formatting (bootstrap would be nice but can wait)
* OK if we show a directory listing only at the top level, similar to the way Workbench does it.
* Explicitly no index.html in place of directory listings.
** This means "wget -r" can always be expected to work, but it also ensures this can't be used to host entire web sites along the lines of github pages. If we add this capability in the future we could add a -render-index flag. This would make more sense if it came with a bunch of other features anyway, like dynamically mapping vhosts to collections.

A complementary piece to this is having Workbench generate sharing links which point directly to keep-web rather than redirecting through Workbench.

This is in support of a request to be able to share data without exposing the Workbench host.