Bug #12467

Updated by Peter Amstutz about 4 years ago

It is failing to load Docker image, even though the image load seemingly succeeds:

2017-10-19T16:41:46.528938874Z Fetching Docker image from collection '997e3bc9579153e723b599b300d9123d+342'
2017-10-19T16:41:46.549138991Z Using Docker image id 'sha256:20a23446d37fac4cb2ec6462310aaee7119f4594948765a3397b13f9baec4812'
2017-10-19T16:41:46.549599576Z Loading Docker image from keep
2017-10-19T16:41:49.814403711Z Creating Docker container
2017-10-19T16:41:49.816658048Z While creating container: Error: No such image: sha256:20a23446d37fac4cb2ec6462310aaee7119f4594948765a3397b13f9baec4812

It seems that loading is asynchronous, the ImageLoad method returns after the data has been transmitted but before the layers have been decompressed. We need to wait for a response indicating that loading is finished.