Feature #12522

Updated by Peter Amstutz over 6 years ago

The "My Projects" side bar should be populated with a list of the Arvados git repositories visible to the user. 

 This requires accessing the Arvados API.    Currently, there isn't a formal Javascript SDK, however it can be accessed with typical AJAX requests. 

 API server request syntax is described here: 

 The repositories resource is described here: 

 When the user clicks on a repository in the projects panel, it should load the contents of the git repository over HTTP and display the tree of files from the master branch. 

 When the user clicks on a file in the projects panel, it should open the file in a new tab in the content pane. 

 At least for the initial release, we are using these simplifying assumptions: 

     all CWL workflows are stored in Arvados-hosted git repositories 
     CWL workflows can have references to external tools/workflows in the same git repository+version. 
     arvados git web service is available 

 The Arvados git web service can authenticate HTTP basic authentication (username "nobdoy", password is api token) as supported by js-git.