Feature #12917

Updated by Peter Amstutz over 6 years ago

Users should be able to see the exit code or state=[“Queued”, “Locked”, “Running”, “Cancelled” and “Complete”] from the container_request api method, rather than having to go another layer deeper to the container api method. 

 h2. Proposed solution 

 Add a general embedding option: 

 * embed=["container_uuid"] embeds the contents of the record associated with container_uuid 
 * embed_select=["state", "exit_code"] limits the fields of the embedded record to just the selected ones 

 Can only be used on fields ending in _uuid 

 A query like this would return: 

 ?embed=["container_uuid"]&embed_select=["state", "exit_code"] 

   "kind": "arvados#container_request", 
   "uuid": "abc-123", 
   "container_uuid": "xyz-123", 
   "container": { 
     "state": "Completed", 
     "exit_code": 0 

 Discussion points: 

 * Permission enforcement.    Permission to read a container is based on permission to read the container_request, but this is not true generally.    For example, permission to read a container request doesn't grant permission to read output_uuid. 
 * Straightforward to set up a join when the _uuid field points to exactly one record type (only collections, only containers, etc) but more complex when it can point to multiple (owner_uuid, head/tail_uuid on links) 
 * Should the field be named by stripping the _uuid?    Other ideas: "embedded_container", "container_uuid_embed" 

 It might be worth adopting this syntax but initially limiting the implementation to only container requests.