Story #13325

Updated by Peter Amstutz over 2 years ago exists, but we need to bridge the documentation and feature gap between the generic documentation and arvados specific usage.

Use cases:

h3. I am writing CWL from scratch

User wants to write CWL online, using Arvados Composer.

* Documentation / user guide using Composer
* User wants to assemble workflow from existing components, need a registry of tools / subworkflows
** Add metadata to "workflows" table
** GA4GH Tool Registry Service (TRS) / Dockstore
* From Composer, user needs to be able to import Docker images or build from Dockerfiles: #11724

h3. I am bringing CWL I developed on my workstation

If user is git savvy, can commit to git and push to Arvados-hosted git repo (see next).

If user is not git savvy, provide convenient way to upload files in Composer. Possibly drag-and-drop or "add local file" in Composer which adds file to git. (User can already kind of do this manually by copy-and-paste.)

* Creating new git repo is slow due to cron job latency (takes time for repo to appear after arvados record is created).

h3. I am bringing CWL that I have in a git repository

Currently: need to push to Arvados-hosted git repo.

Want Arvados-hosted repo to mirror another repo (github, bitbucket) so that user can push to that one and have it show up in Arvados.

* Need mirroring service / synchronization strategy
* Need UI to set it up