Story #13494

Updated by Tom Clegg over 3 years ago

See [[Collection version history]]

When viewing a collection in Workbench, a tab/button should show the history of prior changes. For each prior update, it should be possible to
* view/star/bookmark the selected version of the collection (name, description, files, etc. as they appeared after the update)
* preview/download the files as they appeared in the selected version (if the data blocks still exist)
* copy the selected version into a new collection (if the data blocks still exist)
* release the storage consumed by the data blocks (if the site is configured to allow this)

When searching collections, the user should have an option to include non-current versions in the results.

The site admin should be able to control
* whether collection version history is retained at all
* if so, whether the data blocks for the old version are retained
* if so, whether users are allowed to drop the retained data blocks for old versions of a collection