Story #13784

Updated by Chrystian Klingenberg almost 3 years ago

As a user I would like to add a collection/process/project to "Favorite" tab
so that I will have easy access to my marked files

Acceptance criteria:
- possibility to add collection/process/project to "Favorite"
- added files are visible in "Favorite" tab
- after adding to favorite button is changing state to: "Remove from favorite"

User flow:

1a. Right click on collection/process/project inside the table and choose "Add to favorite".
1b. (Only for projects) Right click on project inside tree context menu and choose "Add to favorite".
1c. Click on "More options" icon in the table and then choose "Add to favorite"

2. Snackbar appears in the bottom of the page with the infromation that "Collection/Process/Project has been added to favorite"

3. "Add to favorite" changes his state to "Remove from favorite"

4. Next to selected file name "Star" icon appear.