Story #2679

Updated by Lucas Di Pentima over 2 years ago

* Ideas
** Preference to enable emails notifications. There are 2 options:
*** Per user (probably the best)
*** Per workflow (may be useful if implemented in tandem with a per-user setting)
** If a workflow is owned by a project/group:
*** For groups: notify the group owner (if it isn’t the system user) or all members?
*** For projects: Find the owner by navigating back through owner_uuid until a tpzed type is found?
* Implementation
** API Server
*** A server setting establishing the default behavior for new (or all?) users
*** Add a new mailer like @services/api/app/mailers/admin_notifier.rb@
*** Add necessary callbacks on containers/pipelines updates to call the mailer when needed
** Workbench
*** New UI element to show & change user preference. Maybe on the user’s profile page.
*** UI element on container/container_req/pipeline_instance if per-workflow setting == true