Feature #13993

Updated by Tom Clegg about 3 years ago

Enable a client Implement the ability to retrieve a fetch collection record (with a given UUID) records from its home cluster, even if the remote clusters in arvados-controller

h3. Fetching
collection is hosted on a different flow

# Home
cluster in a federation.

This issue covers the
# Client sends request for collection UUID ccccc-* to
arvados-controller changes required for basic functionality.
* proxy "get collection" requests with foreign UUIDs
cluster aaaaa
# arvados-controller sends request for collection by UUID (with salted token)
to federated cluster ccccc (this should reuse as much as possible the appropriate remote cluster (similar to code from #13493)
* alter # ccccc returns result
# arvados-controller modifies
the signature hints in the returned signatures to indicate they are "remote" signatures
# return
record so keepstore will be able to get client with modified signatures


What is
the data from the remote format for a "remote" signature? Probably something like regular signature + cluster (see [[Federated collections]] wiki)

This issue does not include
* cache optimizations
* changes to keepstore (#13994)