Feature #13994

Updated by Tom Clegg over 3 years ago

Proxy Implement the ability to proxy requests for blocks stored on from remote clusters. clusters in keepstore.

h3. Fetching block, no caching

# client wishes to read a file

* To service a GET # client has provides block locator with "remote" signature (see #13993)
# client sends
request with to keepstore server in regular rendezvous hashing order
# keepstore notice it is
a remote data hint (and no local signature), skip the usual volume scan signature, and use the usual Keep client logic converts it to fetch the a "regular" signature
# keepstore contacts keepproxy on remote cluster and requests
block from the
# keepproxy on
remote cluster indicated by the hint.

See [[Federated collections]].

This issue does not include cache optimizations (e.g., writing a copy of the retrieved data on a local volume).
returns block content to keepstore
# keepstore returns block content to client