Story #13966

Updated by Pawel Kowalczyk about 3 years ago

As a user I would like to remove (move to trash) my process
so that it will be no longer visible in my Projects table

Acceptance criteria:
- I can trigger removing operation on a process (context menu in the table)
- Process is removed
- Permission handling
- Confirmation messages

User flow:

1a. Right click ona process inside the table and choose "Remove".
1b. Click on "More options" icon in the table and then choose "Remove".

2. Confirmation message appears

3. Click Remove

4. Snackbar appears in the bottom of the page with the information that "Process has been removed"

User should be able to move/delete processes event in final state. We should try to remove "mounts" and all the other non-scalar fields (or any fields that aren't actually being updated) from the update request