Feature #14706

Updated by Peter Amstutz almost 3 years ago

The container request record lists the most recent container attempted to fulfill the request. This means when a failed container is retried, previous failed attempts are not visible to the user (even if the user goes into the logs table to find the old container uuid, the permission system prevents the user from reading the container). user. This obscures the fact that retries occurred, and sometimes hinders debugging failed containers.


Need a column that has uuids of all containers. Can use array column, eg https://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.6/arrays.html, or JSONB column.

Current data model has "container_uuid" as a singular value. It would Would be a backwards compatibility problem if that changed to be an array. API should report past attempts in a separate field, like "past_container_uuids".

Unclear if it would be better in the underlying database to have a single array column (where first/last item is always the most recent attempt), column, or retain container_uuid column and add a past_container_uuids column.

Need to be able to join array column to grant read permission to container records. Section 8.15.5 of postgres docs suggest this is something like:

container.uuid = ANY (container_request.past_container_uuids)