Feature #15138

Updated by Peter Amstutz about 3 years ago

We should support building multiple documentation versions (stable releases, master) and switching between them.

New jenkins job that takes a git ref (tag or 'master') and builds documentation for that version.

# git checkout target version
# Get list of all tags in git + 'master'
# build documentation
## parameter for version being built
## parameter listing all versions
## populate dropdown menu with links to each version
# upload documentation to doc server at a target version directory

development tasks:

* documentation lists selected version, dropdown menu links to every version

ops task:
* jenkins job to generate documentation for target version (either as part of build pipeline or release process)

TBD: static menus won't include links to newer versions unless they are regenerated. Accept that is the case, regenerate everything each time or use javascript/ajax to populate menu contents?