Feature #14812

Updated by Tom Clegg over 2 years ago

At startup, Workbench should
# execute @arvados-server config-dump < /etc/arvados/config.yml@ (if that fails, error out)
# load the resulting YAML document
# use that document (instead of .../config/application.yml etc) as the application configuration

The main dev tasks are
* Loading the new config at startup
* Changing the config key uses to the new keys

Implementation notes:
* If .../config/application.yml exists, values there should take precedence. This Ideally this should be done implemented in the Go config loader, along with the same code used in RailsAPI. "config dump" other "deprecated configs" code, so that
** an admin only needs one command to identify all deprecated/legacy configs that need cleaning up,
and "config diff" rake tasks should be provided, just like in RailsAPI.
** the controller's "current config" endpoint matches the actual config being used, including values loaded from legacy config files.

* Install guide and upgrading/release notes need to be updated to ensure the "arvados-server" package is installed on the workbench host.
* Update Arvbox to install arvados-server.