Story #15580

Updated by Peter Amstutz over 2 years ago

See discussion on #15535

Want to run user CWL from git commit to an arvados-managed git repo. This is because the preferred development process is to store your CWL in a git repo, because git is good for managing code over time.

At CLI: detect when being run with the CWD inside a git repo. Get the current revision. Determine the repo uuid by looking at repo remotes. Make sure the working directory doesn't have uncommitted changes, and check that the current version is pushed. Submit a workflow that mounts the git repo at the current version.

At workbench: to register workflow record, create a wrapper workflow that has the same input/output interface as the workflow, with a single step with a run line like:

run: arv-git:repo/revision/file

To submit the workflow, workbench introspects the step and sets up the correct git mount.