Bug #15321

Updated by Lucas Di Pentima 12 months ago

h2. Test running

To be able to run future integration tests on WB2, we might need to clone its repo from the @run-tests.sh@ execution, giving the developer the possiblity to define a custom directory when running tests locally on a specific commit.

h2. Package building

Right now we're building workbench2 from the @build-packages-workbench2@ Jenkins job, that uses the @workbench2-build@ docker image to run the package building task from the @Makefile@ inside WB2's repo.

Not sure if that Jenkins job is triggered from somewhere automatically, so to include it on our standard package building procedure we should be modifying the @build/package-build-dockerfiles/<distro_name>/Dockerfile@ files so that wb2's repo is cloned, and the Makefile task run from each one.

h2. Deployment

The previously mentioned Jenkins job already run a deploy task on success(@deploy-workbench2-to-4xphq@ and @deploy-workbench2-to-c97qk@), so they may be a useful example.