Bug #15321

Updated by Lucas Di Pentima 5 months ago

h2. Test running

To be able to run future integration tests on WB2, we might need to clone its repo from the @run-tests.sh@ execution, giving the developer the possiblity to define a custom directory when running tests locally on a specific commit.

h2. Package building

Right now we're building workbench2 from the @build-packages-workbench2@ Jenkins job, that uses the @workbench2-build@ docker image to run the package building task from the @Makefile@ inside WB2's repo.

Not sure if that Jenkins job is triggered from somewhere automatically, so to include it on our standard package building procedure we should be modifying the @build/package-build-dockerfiles/<distro_name>/Dockerfile@ files so that wb2's repo is cloned, and the Makefile task run from each one.

h2. Deployment

The previously mentioned Jenkins job already run a deploy task on success(@deploy-workbench2-to-4xphq@ and @deploy-workbench2-to-c97qk@), so they may be a useful example.