Story #15455

Updated by Peter Amstutz 10 months ago

Currently all outputs go in the user's home project which is undesirable due to the amount of clutter created.

Change this to create a new sub project under <user> / Workflow runs / <Workflow name + date of run> where all outputs are placed by default (unless the user specifies something different).

If a container request is submitted without an owner_uuid and without submitted_by_container_uuid, the API server creates a project for the the container request.

The container gets a new field, "runtime_project_uuid". This is set project has the attribute "project_for_submitted_by_container_uuid" assigned to the owner of the container request that created the container. uuid. The container can claim "project_for_submitted_by_container_uuid" on a project.

If a container request has "submitted_by_container_uuid", get the container is submitted without an owner_uuid and create *with* submitted_by_container_uuid, it searches for a project with the request under "runtime_project_uuid".

attribute "project_for_submitted_by_container_uuid". If the container in "submitted_by_container_uuid" doesn't exist (because not found, it is federated container) then create creates a new project and create a stub container record with the remote container uuid and "runtime_project_uuid" attribute set.