Story #15455

Updated by Peter Amstutz 9 months ago

Currently all outputs go in the user's home project which is undesirable due to the amount of clutter created.

Change this to create a new sub project under <user> / Workflow runs / <Workflow name + date of run> where all outputs are placed by default (unless the user specifies something different). This will be implemented by the client.

h2. arvados-cwl-runner

Default behavior

# search for or create a project named "Workflow runs"
# Create a project under it called <Workflow name + date of run>
# Use that as project_uuid

Custom parent

# arvados-cwl-runner --parent "My project xyz"
# Search for (or create) project with that name
# Create a project under it called <Workflow name + date of run> (unless --name was provided)
# Use that as project_uuid

If --project-uuid is provided, the behavior is unchanged from current.

If --name was provided, it is used for both the subproject name as well as the container request.

h2. Workbench (2?)

# When running through workbench, create a project named <Workflow name + date of run> under selected location and use that for --project-uuid (instead of the selected location)