Bug #15684

Updated by Peter Amstutz about 3 years ago 

 Findings so far. 

 I think what is happening is something like this: 

 # build arvados-server v1 
 # build arvados-api-server v1 
 # build arvados-server v2 
 # try to install arvados-api-server v1 
 ## depends on arvados-server v1 
 ## fail because only arvados-server v2 package is available (also a package version conflict since we are pinned to arvados-server v1 but more recently built package would be pinned to arvados-server v2) 

 Proposed solution: assign version as latest(api-server, arvados-server). 

 Second finding:  

 Installing arvados-api-server doesn't appear to pull in arvados-server as a dependency.    Which suggests the dependency is missing on all the deb based builds.    Which would explain why only centos7 is failing.