Feature #15768

Updated by Lucas Di Pentima over 3 years ago

Workbench 1 has a feature where each item in a listing has a checkbox for selection and then there are a set of group operations which work on all selected objects to enable e.g. easy deletion of multiple items in a project. There are also "Select All" / "Deselect All" operations to check/uncheck all the items. 

 This would be a desirable feature to have for Workbench 2. 

 h3. Implementation notes 

 * There’s a DataExplorer store & 2 components (DataExplorer & DataTable)that may need some updates. They seem to work together for general tabular data visualization/handling on various parts of Workbench2. 
 * Not sure how difficult is to sort out the data passing mechanisms between these components 
 * File view inside collection already has this feature