Story #15730

Updated by Lucas Di Pentima over 2 years ago

h3. Implementation notes

* Current group visualization on wb2 is using: Admin -> Groups -> Group/Advanced -> Metadata — all links are displayed in a somewhat raw format.
* The project share dialog needs to be updated with the new permission types define on #15372.
* Update the Groups Admin UI:
** The general listing should have a “Group Type” column (role/project) with filtering — or just list only “role" groups the “role” groups?
** When clicking on any role group, display a list of member users & groups with a button “+ Add Users”
Members” (#15372 says that groups can be composed, is it referring to role groups or any?)
*** The dialog should be similar to the “share” dialog that features user autocomplete and permission type selection
** On the general group list, the “+ New Group” button shows an enhanced dialog
*** It should allow basic group information input and then enter maybe show the newly created group page previously mentioned share UI so the admin can add members that it is possible to it. define memberships in one action. This may involve more than one api call.
* Users Admin UI
** Group membership information by user is now somewhat available by accesing the Advanced dialog and clicking on the Metadata tab
** A proper group membership UI should may be part of a user profile page needed listing groups and access level