Idea #15954

Updated by Tom Clegg over 4 years ago

The following commands should bring up a functioning dev cluster: 

 git clone 
 go run arvados/cmd/arvados-server boot -source-tree ./arvados -config ./arvados/doc/examples/config/zzzzz.yml -temp-dir {...} -test-fixtures=true 

 Assuming the user has taken care of these prerequisites: 
 * PostgreSQL, Ruby, Ruby gems/bundle, Python, nginx, etc. are installed 
 * PostgreSQL user/database exist on localhost, with the insecure well-known password in config/zzzzz.yml 

 The resulting cluster should: 
 * Use any local/uncommitted changes in the ./arvados work tree 
 * Use {provided temp dir}/keep/ as a keep volume backend 
 * Use {provided temp dir}/ for any pid/lock/temp files 
 * Have no sso, workbench, workbench2, or composer 

 The "boot" process should: 
 * Stay in the foreground 
 * Log to stderr (OK for the time being if some logs go to /var/run/arvados/zzzzz/ instead) 
 * Exit (and shut down any child processes) when SIGINT or SIGTERM is received or a child service/component fails