Bug #16374

Updated by Nico C├ęsar 10 months ago

https://doc.arvados.org/v1.4/sdk/go/example.html has the title "Arvados | Python | Examples"

the example starts with a #<Liquid::Comment:0x0000561e37195428> that should not be there.

and compilation fails:

go build .
go: finding module for package git.curoverse.com/arvados.git/sdk/go/arvadosclient
go: downloading git.curoverse.com/arvados.git v0.0.0-20200424144959-9e9775694f6b
go: found git.curoverse.com/arvados.git/sdk/go/arvadosclient in git.curoverse.com/arvados.git v0.0.0-20200424144959-9e9775694f6b
go: github.com/nicocesar/arvados-forecaster imports
git.curoverse.com/arvados.git/sdk/go/arvadosclient: git.curoverse.com/arvados.git@v0.0.0-20200424144959-9e9775694f6b: parsing go.mod:
module declares its path as: git.arvados.org/arvados.git
but was required as: git.curoverse.com/arvados.git

s/git.curoverse.com/git.arvados.org/g did make it work BTW

also golint output:
golint main.go
main.go:37:17: struct field Uuid should be UUID
main.go:75:9: don't use underscores in Go names; var collection_fields_wanted should be collectionFieldsWanted
main.go:102:25: don't use underscores in Go names; var item_map should be itemMap