Story #8181

Updated by Ward Vandewege 12 months ago

Keepstore gives the client a salt. The client returns some hash including that salt plus the original data to prove it has the original data. If the client does so successfully, Keepstore discloses whether or not it has the block, and returns a newly signed block locator. Upload clients can use this to avoid uploading blocks that already exist on the destination.

Alternatively: add a 'trust keep clients' flag in config.yml, which site admins could enable to allow client-side hashing, and let the keepstores trust the client-provided hashes.

The ideal solution here is probably a slider that is a % of the data that the client needs to prove it has, before keepstore will trust its hashes. It could be set to zero in a situation where there is a lot of trust, and probably to some reasonable % by default (25? 50?).

What we gain from this story would be avoiding the need to re-upload data if it already exists in Keep.