Idea #16360

Updated by Tom Clegg about 4 years ago

Background: Applications want to access data in Arvados through a web API.    Keep-web currently supports WebDAV.    Although it is a standard, 3rd party applications used by customers do not support WebDAV.    Instead, many 3rd party applications support reading and writing to S3-compatible object storage.    Keep-web should support an S3 compatible API to enable these applications to easily access Arvados. 

 Initial implementation should support the "list objects", "get object", and "put object" APIs using 
 * object name = file path within collection 
 * bucket name = collection UUID 
 * secret key = Arvados API token 
 * endpoint = ExternalURL of keep-web service 

 ...with enough s3 compatibility to test with a common s3 client library like