Bug #16853

Updated by Ward Vandewege almost 2 years ago


 * workbench 1 "Arvados test login" form looks super ugly, completely unstyled. 

 * workbench 1 login form gives no indication of what to do for a brand new arvbox. Only when clicking login (without providing username/password) does the help text appear that says  

   The "test login" users are defined in Clusters.[ClusterID].Login.Test.Users section of config.yml 
 If you are using arvbox, use "arvbox adduser" to add users." 

 * workbench 1/2 login forms say "username" but they really want the *email* field as per 

   $ ./arvbox adduser 
 /usr/local/lib/arvbox/ <path/to/config.yaml> <clusterid> add <username> <email> [pass] 
                                     <path/to/config.yaml> <clusterid> remove <username> 
                                     <path/to/config.yaml> <clusterid> list 

 * workbench 2 is using a token that is not attached to a privileged user, so the "Current token" in the dropdown gives the error "Forbidden: this API client cannot manipulate other clients' access tokens. (req-750algt6pabl12xbbqgg)"