Bug #16884

Updated by Peter Amstutz about 1 year ago

Background: when in test mode, as a correctness test the results of the incremental permission graph update is checked against a full recompute of the permission graph. They should always result in identical table contents.

This is sensitive to starting conditions. If the incremental update is done on a database where the materialized_permissions table was out of sync with the true permissions (the "full recompute" is assumed to be ground truth), then the result after the incremental update will also be wrong and we get the "Didn't match" error.

* developer-run-tests-services-api is failing, it seems random as there is no particular test that causes it to start failing.


* There is one success out of 5 attempts:


* When I run the tests locally, it passes.

Rails 5.2 has a few testing changes. Tests are shuffled so the order of test modules is different each time. Tests also share a database connection.