Bug #16974

Updated by Peter Amstutz over 1 year ago

[peer federation] [WB1] [admin interface]

On ce8i5, 9tee4 remote clusters entry:

Host: 9tee4.arvadosapi.com
Proxy: true

On 9tee4, the ce8i5 remote clusters entry:

Host: ce8i5.arvadosapi.com
Proxy: true

The user list in the admin interface lists entries with foreign UUIDs (their existance is normal). But clicking on 'show' leads to a 'Not found' error page, e.g. https://workbench.9tee4.arvadosapi.com/users/ce8i5-tpzed-o4njwilpp4ov286.

Does it make sense to enumerate the users with foreign UUIDs in that list?

If we don't; what's the implication of ActivateUsers being off for a cluster listed in RemoteClusters?

Update: adding 'ActivateUsers: true' on both sides fixes this issue.