Feature #17011

Updated by Peter Amstutz about 1 year ago

Keep-web supports virtual hosts to securely serve inline content to the browser (otherwise, everything is forced to be download-only to maintain same-origin security). This is also necessary for our S3 API support, as the preferred way to refer to buckets is with the bucket name as the first part of the domain name.

For each cluster zzzzz that we control:

# Configure DNS for *.collections.zzzzz.arvadosapi.com to go to keep-web
# Get a wildcard DNS cert for *.collections.zzzzz.arvadosapi.com
# Set Services.WebDAV.ExternalURL to "https://*.collections.zzzzz.arvadosapi.com"

More information at https://doc.arvados.org/v2.1/api/keep-web-urls.html