Story #17246

Updated by Peter Amstutz about 1 year ago

From discussion 7 January 2021

* Instead of arva2, choose a random cluster id or get one from the user
* Instead of using arva2.arv.local the provision script should use the host's FQDN or get the hostname from the user
* To avoid the need for virtual hosts, put workbench (1 or 2) on the https port and put other services on alternate ports
* Confirm that running the provision script on an basic EC2 instance results in an arvados install with a workbench that can be logged into & can run stuff
* The document should explain that the single node install is not a production install, but can be converted into one, and should include links on how to:
** Switching to your own hostname Setting custom DNS and configuring certificates (providing your own or using Lets Encrypt)
** Change the authentication provider
** Switch to using an S3 bucket for keepstore backend (maybe including migrating blocks from a local keep directory into s3)
** Stop crunch-dispatch-local and set up arvados-dispatch-cloud