Feature #17119

Updated by Peter Amstutz 11 months ago

Suggestion from customer:

Could we define virtual folders in the S3 / WebDAV / FUSE interface whose contents are defined by a query, e.g. filter on collections that have a certain property?

* Define new group_class called "filters"
* Has arvados filters in a property
* Can use with "group contents" API which reads the filters from the "filter" group properties and applies them to the contents query
* "filters" groups cannot own things and cannot have outgoing permission links
* Add support for showing "filter" groups the same way projects/subprojects are displayed in workbench 2
* Add support for navigating to "filter" groups in Go filesystem (used by keep-web) which uses "group contents" API
* When setting filters there should be some validation to prevent user from setting an obviously invalid filter


In controller, get the group object, check the type, if it is "filters" then add the filters to the query, and pass along the query to the backend.