Bug #17333

Updated by Ward Vandewege 8 months ago

If you give arvados-cwl-runner a --project-uuid argument that is not a valid project uuid (for example, you give it a collection uuid), then it errors out with a very confusing message:

INFO Name conflict on 'Downloads files from URL(s) input (3e987fd3b2f7601a8966389abf5ad892+123)', existing collection has an unexpected portable data hash
ERROR Unhandled error:
<HttpError 403 when requesting https://2xpu4.arvadosapi.com/arvados/v1/collections?ensure_unique_name=true&alt=json returned "request failed: http://localhost:8004/arvados/v1/collections: 403 Forbidden: Owner uuid must be set to User or Group (req-hgbkh6u2owgawb9bfgw4)">