Idea #16071

Updated by Peter Amstutz over 2 years ago

Currently, Workbench 2 adds a "Link to process" to the container request page for collections that have the property "container_request".    However, this property isn't enforced, and it can be modified.    It is better to use the normalized data in the database. 

 h2. Provenance 

 Search for a container_request where the "output_uuid" or "log_uuid"    field matches the uuid of the current collection. 

 Collection details include Add a link "Process that produced this collection". 

 h2. Used by 

 1. Add a link "Used by containers" and search for containers that include the collection's portable data hash (but not the output or log): 

 filters [["any", "like", "<portable_data_hash>"], ["output", "!=", "<portable_data_hash>"], ["log", "!=", "<portable_data_hash>"]] 

 2. Take the list of containers, and look up the associated container_requests. 

 3a. If there is a single match, collection details get add a link "Used by process" that links to the container request page. 

 3b. If there are multiple matches, collection details include a link to display either a dialog box or a new panel which lists the names of all the container requests, sorted newest first, which the user can click through to the container request page.