Story #18100

Updated by Peter Amstutz 10 months ago

The clinical user process: 

 * Create patient record, provide default anonymized id record 
 ** Patient id should be padded to 6 (?) places with zeros 
 * Enter biopsy information 
 * Enter sample information (hasn’t been sequenced yet) (mostly done) 
 ** Sample info (patient id) 
 ** Collection date 
 ** Tissue type 
 ** Time point 
 ** other stuff (check other SOW) 
 ** Option to associate with a batch id  
 * Information will be copied to a redcap submission that goes to the sequencing core 
 ** TBD, might submit from browser using redcap.js, maybe have a "submit to redcap" button that copies data entered into Arvados to redcap submission. 


 * When creating the initial study, ability to set patient id prefix, when suggesting a patient id, use prefix from study to which the patient is being added.