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Updated by Peter Amstutz 11 months ago

* Investigate orchestration 

 Certain configuration steps have dependencies on configuration of other nodes, which requires orchestration rather than just top-down configuration. 

 e.g. need to know how to contact postgres 

 Javier: want bottom-up configuration, when services come up they contact the configuration server (consul?) to get the configuration & update the service entry. 

 Tom: "join" command (state?) to add a service to Arvados 

 Use pre-shared key / token for machines to identify themselves.    Or nodes generate their own random ID and there's an approval step. 

 Tom: would be cool if nodes can self-configure which services they run  

 "Join" state gets a list of services that node with this unique ID should be running, can be changed on the fly. 

 Stephen: could have a discovery mode 

 Ward: restrict to private network 

 Javier: Controller should hold the central configuration