Story #18341

Updated by Tom Clegg over 1 year ago

The following commands (copied from #18337) should result in a production-mode single host Arvados cluster: 

 # add-apt-repository ... 
 # apt-get install arvados-server-easy 
 # arvados-server init [some options] 
 [answer some questions] 
 OK, you can now log in to 
 # arvados-server health 

 For now, this ticket, the intent is not to accommodate all/most real-life situations. There Rather, there will be a many restrictions/requirements/assumptions about the situations where this initial version will work out of the box. work. For example, we can assume 
 * It's acceptable for TLS certificates to be signed by a local root CA generated by Arvados 
 * The operator has a DNS entry name and/or upstream proxy configured to send all traffic to the host 
 * All TCP ports on the host are open and reachable from browsers/clients 
 * The operator wants Arvados to create its own user and database using a PostgreSQL server that is already installed and running on the host 
 * The @/etc/arvados@ directory does not exist 
 * The operator has chosen a unique 5-character cluster ID 
 * Keep blocks will be stored in a directory on the install host's filesystem (or an existing S3 bucket with credentials available via IAM role) 
 * The host has enough memory, disk space, CPU power, etc. to support the expected workload