Feature #17417

Updated by Ward Vandewege almost 2 years ago

Outstanding problems: 

 * Cross-compiling our Python virtualenv packages is going to be involved. Maybe we can use 

 * The therubyracer gem we use (0.12.3, latest) in the api server depends on libv8 (~> which is a version so old it only compiles on x86. Newer versions of libv8 compile on aarch64 too. We should migrate to `mini_racer` apparently.  

 * The npm-rails gem (used in WB1) is causing problems when doing a native compilation on arm64: 

 NODE_ENV=production /arvados/apps/workbench/node_modules/.bin/browserify    /arvados/apps/workbench/tmp/npm-rails/bundle.js > /arvados/apps/workbench/vendor/assets/javascripts/npm-rails/production/npm-dependencies.js 
 *** stack smashing detected ***: terminated 
 /jenkins/ line 420:    1098 Aborted                   (core dumped) ARVADOS_CONFIG=none RAILS_ENV=production RAILS_GROUPS=assets bin/rake assets:precompile > "$STDOUT_IF_DEBUG" 
 ERROR: Asset precompilation failed 
 ERROR: build packages on arvados/build:debian11 failed with exit status 1