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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated % Done
11329TaskNewNormalReview 10766-install-wsTom Clegg03/23/2017 06:47 pm

11328TaskIn ProgressNormalupdate Upgrading wikiTom Clegg03/23/2017 05:50 pm

11309BugNewNormal[Crunch2] crunchstat-summary --container UUID should summarize container logsTom Morris03/24/2017 06:07 am

11308StoryNewNormalSupport Python3 for arvados-python-client & command line utilities03/24/2017 01:44 am

11296BugNewNormal[arv-put] bad progress indicator 03/18/2017 06:28 am

11292TaskIn ProgressNormalReview 11209-unmount-replaceTom Clegg03/23/2017 06:20 pm

11285StoryNewNormalUpdate Pipeline Optimization wiki with CWL/Crunchv203/21/2017 06:34 pm

11278BugNewNormalTrailing space on string pasted into search box should not cause "Oops request failed"03/21/2017 06:45 pm

11272TaskNewNormalReviewPeter Amstutz03/15/2017 08:16 pm

11266TaskIn ProgressNormalReview 11065-rotate-logsTom Clegg03/23/2017 03:38 pm

11265TaskNewNormalReviewLucas Di Pentima03/15/2017 08:13 pm

11264TaskNewNormalReviewLucas Di Pentima03/15/2017 08:10 pm

11263TaskNewNormalReviewPeter Amstutz03/15/2017 08:09 pm

11261BugNewNormal[API] full text search on pipeline_instances table is extremely slow (wrong index?)03/15/2017 07:31 pm

11260BugNewNormal[API] "arv group contents" produces a 404 error (seems to POST instead of GET?)03/15/2017 07:26 pm

11257BugNewNormal[CWL] Fails with $schemas referencing remote resources.03/15/2017 06:57 pm

11251StoryNewNormal[Tests] Make workbench integration tests finish faster (at least in Jenkins)03/15/2017 07:48 pm

11250StoryNewNormal[Workbench] Better user-facing terms for container states03/14/2017 07:54 pm

11249FeatureNewNormal[SDKs] Writable collection files returned by Go SDK should be seekable03/14/2017 06:19 pm

11238BugNewNormaljob_task creation fails with ApiError - HttpError 422 - ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: PG::InternalError: ERROR: invalid memory alloc request size 171863076503/11/2017 07:23 pm

11237BugNewNormalpython-arvados-python-client depends on old versions of packages03/15/2017 05:37 pm

11236BugNewHighDependencies in Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial) offer to REMOVE arvados-node-managerNico César03/15/2017 07:37 pm

11225TaskIn ProgressNormalUpdate cwltool Peter Amstutz03/15/2017 07:06 pm

11224TaskIn ProgressNormalUpdate API usagePeter Amstutz03/15/2017 07:07 pm

11222BugNewNormalDocker load time on compute node is too long03/07/2017 09:33 pm

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