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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated % Done
12047BugNewNormalCWL should check yml to make sure pdh's exist07/27/2017 05:38 pm

12040TaskIn ProgressNormalReview 12037-cwl-v1.0.1Lucas Di Pentima07/27/2017 05:33 pm

12037StoryIn ProgressNormal[CWL] Pass conformance for v1.0.1Peter Amstutz07/27/2017 05:33 pm

12032StoryNewNormalAllow projects to be deleted (ie placed in the trash can)07/25/2017 06:51 pm

12028FeatureNewNormalBe able to create a new collection based on a subdirectory in workbench07/25/2017 02:22 pm

12026BugNewNormalcrunchstat-summary gives invalid min_cores recommendation07/24/2017 09:24 pm

12020BugNewNormal[Tests] Flaky test in Python SDK tests.test_events.WebsocketTest.test_subscribe_pollLucas Di Pentima07/25/2017 05:56 pm

12018FeatureNewNormalSynchronize group membership with external data source07/21/2017 09:09 pm

12017FeatureNewNormalWindows file system driver for Keep (arv-mount equiv)07/21/2017 08:56 pm

12010BugNewNormal[keep-web] tests hangTom Clegg07/25/2017 05:56 pm

12009FeatureNewNormalFind arvados-cwl-runner version easier in a container request07/20/2017 05:17 pm

12006TaskNewNormalReview07/19/2017 07:52 pm

12005TaskNewNormalReviewRadhika Chippada07/19/2017 07:52 pm

12003TaskNewNormalReviewRadhika Chippada07/19/2017 07:51 pm

12001TaskNewNormalReviewLucas Di Pentima07/19/2017 07:50 pm

11997StoryIn ProgressNormal[Spike] Investigate CI packaging improvementsTom Clegg07/27/2017 02:53 pm

11994BugNewNormal[arv-mount] Do not crash if /sys/fs/fuse/connections is empty07/19/2017 06:57 pm

11986BugNewNormal[OPs] Jenkins test run ordering issue07/18/2017 11:27 pm

11983StoryNewNormalOn the collections page indicate expiring collections07/18/2017 06:28 pm

11942StoryNewNormal[CWL] arvados-cwl-runner should support tagging output collection using properties07/11/2017 06:26 pm

11937TaskIn ProgressNormalReview 11167-wb-remove-arvgetLucas Di Pentima07/24/2017 02:12 pm

11933TaskIn ProgressNormalReview 11908-properties-column-jsonRadhika Chippada07/19/2017 06:58 pm

11925BugNewNormal[Nodemanager] Fix watchdog testPeter Amstutz07/19/2017 07:50 pm

11917BugFeedbackNormalError fetching collection (HttpError 422) during call to arvados.util.listdir_recursiveTom Clegg07/19/2017 07:00 pm

11908StoryIn ProgressNormalMigrate to JSONBTom Clegg07/19/2017 06:58 pm

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