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12460ArvadosBugNewHighsu92l only can run 11 jobs at once

12307ArvadosBugIn ProgressHigh[OPS] cgroup_enable=memory swapaccount=1 grub parameters are not being setJavier Bértoli

4182ArvadosBugNewHigh[Workbench] [API] "Manage" permission should be sufficient to delete subprojects

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12458ArvadosTaskIn ProgressNormalReview 12446-dispatcher-queryTom Clegg

12455ArvadosTaskIn ProgressNormalValidate v2-format salted tokensTom Clegg

12446ArvadosBugIn ProgressNormal[crunch2] crunch-dispatch-slurm monitoring too many containers gets 414 errorPeter Amstutz

12443ArvadosTaskIn ProgressNormalReview 12216-webdav-listTom Clegg

12442ArvadosTaskNewNormalReviewPeter Amstutz

12441ArvadosTaskNewNormalReview arv-mount trashed support

12440ArvadosTaskNewNormalReviewPeter Amstutz

12439ArvadosTaskNewNormalReviewPeter Amstutz

12438ArvadosTaskNewNormalReviewLucas Di Pentima

12430ArvadosFeatureNewNormalCrunch2 limit output collection to glob patterns

12424ArvadosTaskNewNormalMigration process to convert local user IDs to network cluster IDs

12416ArvadosBugFeedbackNormalkeepstore does not work with s3_volume on Ceph RadosGWTom Clegg

12414ArvadosStoryNewNormal[API] Contents of trashed projects are actually deleted once delete_at is past

12410ArvadosBugNewNormalDifferent help listing for 'arvados-cwl-runner'

12409ArvadosStoryNewNormal[cwl] cwl-tool conditional implementation

12408ArvadosTaskNewNormaladd StorageClasses to keepstore volume configs

12407ArvadosTaskNewNormal[API] Collections get a new storage category class

12406ArvadosTaskNewNormal[Keep-balance] knows which volumes offer which storage categories

12404ArvadosBugNewNormalParallel a-c-r runs interfere in Docker uploads

12400ArvadosFeatureNewNormalarvados.Collection class should be able to calculate collection size

12390ArvadosBugNewNormal[OPS][keepstore][puppet] migrate all keepstores configuration to systemd unit + config file

12383ArvadosStoryNewNormal[Nodemanager] Explicit node record states

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