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  2017-10-25 Sprint 14 Collapse all/Expand all
12446Peter AmstutzIn ProgressBug[crunch2] crunch-dispatch-slurm monitoring too many containers gets 414 error
12018Lucas Di PentimaIn ProgressFeatureSynchronize group membership with external data source
12216Tom CleggIn ProgressFeature[keep-web] machine-readable file listingsRelated to #12090
12183Peter AmstutzIn ProgressBug[crunch-run] Handle symlinks with absolute paths into output directoryRelated to #12273
11453Tom CleggIn ProgressStoryFederated user identity which works across a network of Arvados clustersBlocks #11454
12260Tom CleggIn ProgressFeatureHealthcheck endpoint aggregatorRelated to #11906, Related to #11748
12125Peter AmstutzIn ProgressStoryClient support for deleting projectsRelated to #12032
12318Lucas Di PentimaNewBugHonor Retry-After headers on libcloud exceptions
12369Tom MorrisNewBugUpdate documentation to reflect split of FUSE driver into its own package
11220Tom CleggNewBug[SDKs] Fix misleading arv-mount/pysdk error messages by removing obsolete "fetch manifest from Keep" codeRelated to #11190
11519Lucas Di PentimaNewBugarv-get should abort on ctrl/C
12268Lucas Di PentimaNewStoryUpdate to standard libcloud 2.x
11850Jiayong LiIn ProgressBug[CWL] arv:RunInSingleContainer should take max() of ResourceRequirements of substeps
12307Javier BértoliIn ProgressBug[OPS] cgroup_enable=memory swapaccount=1 grub parameters are not being set
  Arvados Future Sprints 60 Collapse all/Expand all
11876Tom MorrisNewStory[R SDK] Create a Bioconductor/R SDK
11184Tom MorrisNewFeature[Keep] Support multiple storage tiers
11136Nico CésarNewBugNginx config should speak JSON when returning its own response for unproxyable API requestsDuplicated by #6651
10545Joshua RandallNewBugarvbox loops forever when something goes wrong
10535Joshua RandallNewBugtest suite hangs (in arvbox) in sdk/python test_callback
10320Tom MorrisNewBug[Workbench] Don't assume Switchyard config for SSH explanation
9937Tom MorrisNewStory[Workbench] file upload should provide progress bar for overall upload, not just individual files
11183Tom CleggIn ProgressFeature[Deployment] Use consul to report health of services/components
10881Peter AmstutzNewBug[cwl] arvados-cwl-runner submitted job fails due to missing dependency futures>=3.0.5 in docker/jobs image
11843Tom CleggIn ProgressBugTimeout attempting to create job for component gatk-haplotypecaller-cram-gvcf: Net::ReadTimeoutRelated to #3005
11679Tom CleggNewBug[Workbench] Logs containers with undefined exit code

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