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  2017-10-25 Sprint 5 Collapse all/Expand all
12318Lucas Di PentimaNew10/11/2017 07:34 pmBugHonor Retry-After headers on libcloud exceptions
12369Tom MorrisNew10/11/2017 07:33 pmBugUpdate documentation to reflect split of FUSE driver into its own package
11220Tom CleggNew10/11/2017 07:33 pmBug[SDKs] Fix misleading arv-mount/pysdk error messages by removing obsolete "fetch manifest from Keep" codeRelated to #11190
11519Lucas Di PentimaNew10/11/2017 06:56 pmBugarv-get should abort on ctrl/C
12268Lucas Di PentimaNew10/11/2017 06:56 pmStoryUpdate to standard libcloud 2.x
  Arvados Future Sprints 49 Collapse all/Expand all
11876Tom MorrisNew10/18/2017 06:57 pmStory[R SDK] Create a Bioconductor/R SDK
11184Tom MorrisNew10/05/2017 06:52 pmFeature[Keep] Support multiple storage tiers
11136Nico CésarNew08/30/2017 07:12 pmBugNginx config should speak JSON when returning its own response for unproxyable API requestsDuplicated by #6651
10545Joshua RandallNew08/29/2017 02:19 pmBugarvbox loops forever when something goes wrong
10535Joshua RandallNew08/29/2017 02:16 pmBugtest suite hangs (in arvbox) in sdk/python test_callback
10320Tom MorrisNew08/29/2017 01:58 pmBug[Workbench] Don't assume Switchyard config for SSH explanation
9937Tom MorrisNew08/29/2017 01:31 pmStory[Workbench] file upload should provide progress bar for overall upload, not just individual files
10881Peter AmstutzNew08/28/2017 09:22 pmBug[cwl] arvados-cwl-runner submitted job fails due to missing dependency futures>=3.0.5 in docker/jobs image
11679Tom CleggNew08/16/2017 07:38 pmBug[Workbench] Logs containers with undefined exit code
6651Nico CésarNew08/16/2017 07:09 pmBug"This website is under heavy load" error makes a parsing errorDuplicates #11136
4019Peter AmstutzNew06/23/2017 07:11 pmStory[API] Support query of "properties" field on objectsRelated to #9665, Related to #11168, Related to #11908, Blocked by #7709
5076Tom MorrisNew06/21/2017 07:39 pmBug[Workbench] Replace schizophrenic generic "groups" page with "roles" page that only creates/lists groups with group_class="role".
9441Tom MorrisNew06/21/2017 07:39 pmStory[Workbench] Improve user page group memberships management [to be groomed]
10830Tom MorrisNew06/15/2017 12:44 amFeature[Workbench] Support array type input parameters to Workflows
11470Nico CésarNew05/24/2017 06:38 pmBug[API] container_requests#update alternately responds 422 or 404 for no apparent reasonRelated to #11917
7542Tom MorrisNew05/24/2017 06:33 pmStory[Documentation] Write a Crunch wiki page
7543Tom MorrisNew05/24/2017 06:31 pmStory[Documentation] Write a Crunch2 wiki page
10123Tom MorrisNew05/23/2017 06:38 pmFeature[Workbench] [UNC] Copying collections also copies metadataRelated to #7394
9584Tom MorrisNew03/01/2017 05:46 pmStory[FUSE] Don't display expiring collections in regular collection listingsRelated to #9278, Copied from #9582
9590Tom MorrisNew03/01/2017 05:45 pmStory[FUSE] Trash directory to list, inspect, and un-trash trashed collectionsRelated to #9278

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