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9ca7acc3 06/19/2017 07:08 pm Lucas Di Pentima

11788: Added conditional behaviour when using, or not, a trailing slash on directory references.
Added test to cover all cases & updated help message.

Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Lucas Di Pentima <>

cf9874c5 06/19/2017 05:12 pm Lucas Di Pentima

11778: Added explicit test that checks directory references upload behavior.

Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Lucas Di Pentima <>

62a1c904 06/19/2017 04:49 pm Lucas Di Pentima

11788: Simple fix to upload directory references as subcollections instead of
uploading their contents directly on the collection's root.
Updated tests.

Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Lucas Di Pentima <>

028e052d 05/30/2017 08:56 pm Lucas Di Pentima

11684: ArvadosFile.flush() now check if it is the only owner of a bufferblock before deleting it, so the extra argument is not required.
On commit_all(), always check if the owner attribute is an instance of ArvadosFile before calling flush()
Fixed a couple tests that were mocking bufferblock.owner so that they work with this new behavior.

b5d352d6 05/30/2017 05:07 pm Lucas Di Pentima

11684: Merge branch 'master' into 11684-unsigned-locator-fix

1ceeafd5 05/29/2017 04:59 pm Lucas Di Pentima

11684: Instead of fiddling with ArvadosFile object's internals from the BlockManager
put threads to update the segments locators when committing synchronously a block
built from smaller blocks, take advantage of ArvadosFile.flush() existing mechanism
to update unrealized segments locators by building a list of bufferblock owners...

d094ae4e 05/26/2017 02:34 am Lucas Di Pentima

11684: When packing small blocks into one, save references of the files
included on the block when committing it asynchronously, so that the
segment's locators can be updated at the put thread after the block is
committed and the permission token is returned from the API Server.

e578f043 05/26/2017 01:36 am Jiayong Li

Change statfile in to be able to raise OSError, and change the mock in accordingly

4a1df4f3 05/23/2017 07:22 pm Peter Amstutz

11543: takes optional Collection to upload to.

3b12ef6b 05/22/2017 08:05 pm Lucas Di Pentima

11684: Reverted easy fix to expose the bug: when there's a delay writing a block that's
produced by packing smaller blocks into one, its locator doesn't get updated with the
correct access token, so it will fail when trying to save the collection to the API...

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