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8794708d 05/12/2017 02:28 pm Lucas Di Pentima

11647: Merge branch 'master' into 11647-no-perm-tokens

c70fbca1 05/12/2017 02:00 pm Lucas Di Pentima

11647: When repacking small blocks into big ones, commit them synchronously.

86c4a20b 05/12/2017 01:57 pm Lucas Di Pentima

11647: Test proving that when small blocks get repacked and the resulting big block is
committed asynchronously, it doesn't get the permission token on the manifest.

8c9b3ded 05/11/2017 09:25 pm Peter Amstutz

11681: Return native str type from Collection.portable_data_hash() (previous commit was actually for CollectionWriter)

9cd1bd27 05/11/2017 07:37 pm Tom Clegg

11681: Return native str type from KeepLocator.__str__() and Collection.portable_data_hash()

47f29d75 05/09/2017 07:31 pm Tom Clegg

11308: Fix modes not tested in test case.

8e0303a5 05/09/2017 07:30 pm Tom Clegg

11308: collection.keys() supports indexing for python2 callers.

5ca261ee 05/04/2017 03:09 pm Tom Clegg

11308: Fix bytes vs. strings from recent merge.

607fe087 05/02/2017 05:02 pm Tom Clegg

11308: Merge branch 'master' into 11308-python3


fe45b1b6 05/02/2017 02:55 pm Lucas Di Pentima

11579: Merge branch 'master' into 11579-arvput-follow-symlinks

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