2014-05-28 Pipeline Factory

  • Velocity a bit more steady
  • Early velocity probably more indicative of rejected stories than real points
  • Updating time-remaining could still use more diligence
  • Unforeseen dependencies (e.g., new keep server + new sdk)
  • Auto-deploy latest Python SDK might be wrong?
  • Could avoid some problems if test suite tested old components against new components
  • Write tests against the APIs you're using, not just the ones you're building
  • Include story points and acceptance tests for docs&tests for new bits (and filling in deficit)
  • Need to separate "staging" from "master" instance
  • Need live integration test
  • Stable/master doc sites? (no, later)
  • Nicer name for workbench, without qr1hi etc.
  • git merge party hairball
  • commit-message rules
    • local commit hook should apply the rules (copy story# from branch name to commit, say refs #1234 on merge)
    • only follow left parent when enforcing commit message rules ("1 parent, or has refs #1234" + "never says 'merge master'")

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