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h1. arv-con 22: Arvados Summit, Fall 2022  


 h2. Who Should Attend? 

 Current and prospective perspective users of Arvados 

 h2. When is it? 

 arv-con will be late September/early October.  
 Please fill out the following survey to indicate your interest in the event and preferred times.  

 h2. Where is it? 

 The conference is planned to be hybrid with both an in-person and virtual option.    This may change due to changes in COVID-19 cases and local protocols. Details about in-person location to come.  

 h2. What will be covered? 

 Tentative topics would be  

 * Brief Introduction of Arvados and Arvados Features 
 * Updates on Arvados and Showcasing of New and "Beta" Features 
 * Presentations of Current Arvados Users and their Work 
 * Discussion of the Arvados Roadmap 
 * Voice of the User panel where users discuss what they would like to see in future Arvados versions 
 * Hands-on/Hacking Time with Arvados Developers present to assist 
 * Breakout Sessions on conference members selected topics 

 h2. Code of Conduct 

 This event, like all Arvados events, will be subject to the Arvados [[Code of Conduct]]